+ Who is Youthworks?

Youthworks Outdoors is a division of Youthworks, the not-for-profit Youth and Children’s ministry arm of the Sydney Anglican Church. Youthworks HSC Study Camps have been running study camps for more than 20 years and are committed to providing camps of the highest standard.

+ What’s involved in the Christian part of the camp?

Each day on camp there will be a short Bible talk and then small discussion group time giving students a chance to talk about issues in more depth, and to ask the leaders questions about God and life beyond the HSC.

+ Who runs the camps?

Each Youthworks HSC Study Camp is run by a Christian director and leadership team that can include teachers, university students and full-time workers. Directors generally hold a range of graduate and postgraduate qualifications. The camps are a co-operative effort across the wider Christian community and involve leaders from many different churches and denominations from across NSW. All leaders are required to complete a number of child protection checks and attend training sessions and team meetings before attending camp.

+ I’m doing the International Baccalaureate. Can I still come?

Every year we get a few students who are completing the IB rather than the HSC, and they have all benefited immensely from the camps. The tutors and leaders will generally not have experienced the IB but, despite syllabuses being quite different, some things are the same e.g. 2+2=4, i * i = -1, bonjour is still French for hello, etc. Most study sessions are self driven and you go at your pace with your notes and material.

+ Which subjects do you cover?

Generally, the study sessions at all the camps are self study in fully supervised library style environment, with tutoring in English and Maths available. Often leaders are familiar with other subjects as well and will be able to help you if required, but we can’t confirm anything until the start of camp. If there’s enough interest, leaders may run tutorial-style, group study sessions, which we’ll advise you about when you get to camp.

+ Can I bring a musical instrument to practice?

This may be possible depending on the site and the number of other students doing the same thing. Please contact us for more details and to discuss arrangements.

+ Can I use one of these camps for the Residential Project for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award?

The simple answer is yes, however it is best to check with your Award Coordinator. We can provide you with exposure to the teachings of Christianity and the chance to spend a week with people you have never met before.

+ I don’t know anyone on camp. Is that a problem?

On every HSC Study Camp there are a number of students who have come on their own. This can often work in the students favour as they are less likely to be distracted during the study sessions!! Youthworks HSC Study Camps are also a great chance for students to network and meet others from many different schools and educational backgrounds across NSW.

+ What are the rooming arrangements?

Dormitory style! The girls and guys rooms are separated from each other as much as possible and there are leaders in each block of cabins to ensure appropriate standards of behaviour are maintained.

+ Can I be in the same room as my friend?

Sure! Prior to camp, students can request to be in a room with whomever they like so long as they are the same gender- just write their name in the appropriate section of the registration form. The camp Director will allocate rooms according to these requests as much as possible, subject to factors like camper numbers, size of cabins, etc. The Director may also choose to separate students while on camp for disciplinary reasons.

+ What do I need to take with me on camp?

Details regarding what you will need to take with you on camp is including in the information letter which you will be sent about 3 weeks before the start of camp.

+ Are the leaders trained to handle emergencies?

All Youthworks HSC Study Camps have at least 1 qualified Senior First Aid officer on the team who can offer immediate medical assistance if required. The camp Directors are also supplied with information on the location of the nearest hospital and medical centres to ensure swift action can be taken in the event of any injury or emergency.

+ Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?

All our sites implement nut-aware policies and all meals on our menu do not contain nuts (e.g. No satays or Nutella), however our kitchens are supplied with ingredients that may contain traces of peanuts/tree nuts. If your child has a life threatening/anaphylactic allergy, please call our friendly catering staff to discuss a catering solution for your stay via our contacts page. We can also cater for gluten/wheat/dairy free and vegetarian diets. On the registration form for camp, you’ll be asked to note any dietary requirements, and we’ll contact you for more information if required.

+ Can you cater for my special medical requirements?

Dealing with medical requirements is common and the leaders can confidently administer medication if you have requested it. Please ensure that all medication requirements, even self-administered, are detailed in the ‘Medication’ section of the registration form for the camp.

+ Do you provide financial assistance for students?

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity of attending a Youthworks HSC Study Camp. While the camps are certainly invaluable, they do cost a lot to run. Youthworks HSC Study Camps have a financial assistance program available to students who cannot afford to pay the full cost of camp. Students are asked to contribute whatever they can to the price of the camp and then the balance is paid from the financial assistance fund which comes from donations from others who also understand how valuable Youthworks HSC Study Camps are.

If you require help in paying for the cost of a camp you can download a Financial Assistance Form here. We’ll give you a call to discuss your assistance after you have returned the completed form by email to hscstudyconferences@youthworks.net.

+ Can I transfer from one camp to another?

Yes- as long as the other camp is not full! Just contact the Youthworks HSC Study Camp Coordinator to arrange this – it is free to transfer.

+ Can I pay for the study camp in installments?

If you select to pay by credit card you will be unable to pay in installments. If you need some flexibility in paying for your study camp please contact the Youthworks HSC Study Camp Coordinator before registering and they can help make payment arrangements.

+ Can I cancel my camp registration once it has been paid?

For our cancellation policy please see our Terms and Conditions.